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Q.     Do you have MSG in your Sauces & Marinades or Beef Jerky?

A.     BOKA GOURMET Products are all natural and do not include Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), except for that which occurs natural in soy.

Q.     What does Minimally Processed mean?

A.     BOKA Gourmet products are made with a patent pending process. This minimal processing gives our products the tender texture allowing you to experience each ingredient in each flavors profile. USDA’s definition of minimally processed products are those there are not altered during production. Our process is simple. We marinate, we cook using a patent pending process (keeping the jerky tender), and then package.

Q.     Does your jerky contain nitrates or nitrites?

A.     Nope. Our products are ALL NATURAL and do not include Nitrates or Sodium Nitrite.

Q.     What is the shelf life of your products?

A.     For the Beef Jerky, the shelf life is one year from date of production, Sauces & Marinades are 2 years.  All of our products are stamped with a best by date at time of production and should be consumed on or before this date to guarantee freshness of the product.

Q.     I haven't seen your products available at any stores in my local area. Are your products only available online?

A.     We would love to make it more convenient for you to be able to purchase our products during your regular store visit. You can download & print this letter to turn in to your favorite stores in your local area. Thank you in advance for helping us make our products more easily accessible!